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Chapter 3
Number 41!

Threads. Slowly intertwining. Coming together. Twisting tighter. The construction site for the coming Olympic games in post-World War III Neo-Tokyo is rocked by an explosion, the work of anti-government rebels. In a secret government project controlled by the man known only as the Colonel, a wizened-faced child-woman awakes from a dream. Her dream is of someone called AKIRA. She dreams he will soon arise. On the streets, the young delinquent, Kaneda, object of government pursuit and rebel scrutiny, finds his authority over the rebel motorcycle gang he leads suddenly challenged. The challenger is his friend, Tetsuo, who, following a mysterious highway accident, seems to be changing. Growing distant. Growing strange. Threads. Twisting. Tighter. Tighter until…something must break.


Chapter 2

As earth recovers from World War III, strange new events are shaping in Neo-Tokyo. A pursuit has begun. Its object is a wizened-faced child with incredible telekenetic powers and the mark Number 26 on his palm. He holds clues to something prized and feared. Something or someone called…AKIRA. Two pursuers are the mysterious girl, Kay, and her companion, Ryu. Opposing them are troops of a secret government force. Swept along is the rebellious young motorcycle gang leader, Kaneda. Attracted to Kay and angry with Number 26 for the injury of a friend, Kaneda becomes part of a violent cat-and-mouse game which leads to the city’s sewer system and a showdown with two new players…The Colonel and Masuru, Number 27.


Chapter 1
The Highway

The Third World War began in 1992 with the explosion of a new type of bomb over Japan. Thirty-eight years later the world is at last recovering. But in Neo-Tokyo, near ground zero of the original destruction, a strange encounter takes place. Kaneda — young, restless, committed to defying authority — nearly runs down a child with his motorcycle. A child with the wizened face of an old man. A child with powers beyond physical science. The child is Number 26. He is the harbinger of deadly events that sweep Kaneda into a struggle between powerful and secret forces. At the center of this struggle is something feared and prized for the potential to shake the recovering world. Someone or something known only as…AKIRA.